The vision of Peer Metrics is to be recognized as the leading centre of expertise for client-focused services delivery.


The mission of the Peer Metrics is to support organizations in achieving high levels of client and business satisfaction by:

  • facilitating inter-organizational collaboration;
  • sharing research, tools, resources and knowledge;
  • building organizational capacity through development of the service profession; and
  • promoting excellence in client-centred service.


In support of the Vision and Mission, Peer Metrics:


  • provides administrative and other support services to the its participating subscribers;
  • provides a neutral platform for organizational collaboration and shared learning in support of optimal business performance;
  • undertakes research into client and business expectations, satisfaction, and priorities for service improvement;
  • measures, monitors and promotes the progress of organizations in improving client and business satisfaction with service delivery;
  • recognizes and celebrates excellence in client-centred service;
  • serves as a resource centre for best practices, publications, and tools that promote management improvement of cost effective client service delivery, including electronic service delivery;
  • supports the growth of organizational capacity through the delivery of Certification and Learning programs; and
  • is a global centre of expertise and a champion for client-centred service across service channels.