Peer Metrics: Peer Group Benchmarking and Analysis!

Peer Metrics is a business intelligence consulting firm which helps to establish and service groups of companies within a sector whose members are non competing.

Operational, financial and statistical metrics are established to compare and contrast member performance.

Members benefit from the resulting insights through cost reduction, increased revenue, and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Peer Metrics is to support organizations in achieving high levels of client and business satisfaction by:

  • facilitating inter-organizational collaboration;
  • sharing research, tools, resources and knowledge;
  • building organizational capacity through development of the service profession; and
  • promoting excellence in client-centred service.

Peer Metrics is currently assembling a peer groups.

The criteria for condo owners associations are as follows:

  • Number of units
  • Geographic location

The criteria for curling club group membership are as follows:

  • 5 ice sheets
  • Food services
  • Bar Services
  • Operating manager
  • Public

Subscription to peer groups is based on a sliding scale with early adopters paying less than late adopters.

Peer group members are required to submit financial, operational and statistical data for analysis.

Services include a peer group overview report,quarterly peer group reports, and semi annual facilitated meetings to discuss the results of peer group analysis.


Peter Karwacki,

Managing Director